The Truth About Euthanasia

WARNING: Sensitive content. This video is for educational purposes. Viewer discretion is advised. Please be respectful.

In this video we discuss one of our most requested topics: euthanasia. We discuss the frequency with which veterinarians are exposed to death and the main reasons that pets are euthanized. Our hope is that by discussing this, we can help pet owners who who are facing euthanasia to be less afraid, and also to prevent situations were euthanasia is performed for reasons that people might regret later. At the end of the video we show video footage from the euthanasia of one our own patients.

Euthanasia is a way for veterinarians to end suffering when they can't further help their patients. However, when performed for the wrong reasons, euthanasia can lead to more suffering for the pet's family and the vet team due to emotions like guilt and regret. We also discuss the process of euthanasia, and provide some simple tools that you can use to help make the process less confusing.

*Note: Referenced statistics reflect the year this video was made. Current statistics indicate roughly 2500 pets/day are euthanized in US animal shelters.



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