Twin Trees Lifestyle

As part of Twin Trees Vet's mission statement, our team is supported in living a healthy, active lifestyle. Working in the Vet ER can be stressful and draining. We acknowledge that in order to be our best on the job, we need to recharge when we are not on duty. We encourage our team to get outside, unplug, explore in nature, live a life filled with passion, adopt a healthy diet/ lifestyle and have FUN!!!


It's A Salty Dog’s Life

Dogs don't make our whole life, but they make our lives whole. And dogs get to live the dream here too, in our beautiful backyard of Whistler, BC. Featuring two salty dogs and their adventures on the coast.



Ella is in the "winter" of her years. She has spent most of her life keeping watch over the Vet ER team, and she has donated her own blood many times to save other doggies.


Living the Dream

As part of Twin Trees Vet's mission statement, our team is supported in living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Local's Guide to Pet Friendly Whistler

Welcome to pawradise! Explore Whistler using our interactive map of pet-friendly hotels, dog-friendly hiking trails, dog-friendly businesses, pet stores, and more!


Dogs in Whistler: Leashing, Licenses and Bylaws

Whistler is a pet-friendly community and asks dog owners to follow rules for responsible pet ownership. 


Whistler's Dog-Friendly Parks and Trails

Whether you're into hiking, walking, swimming, or simply relaxing in nature, you can both enjoy some of your favourite activities together at those dog-friendly parks and trails.


Ways to Connect with Your Dog This Spring in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor

Pawsome ways to connect with your dog this spring in the Sea-to-Sky corridor.


Our Favourite Dog-Friendly Adventure Hikes in Whistler

Whistler is blessed with some of the best hikes in the country. Here's a list of our favourite dog-friendly adventure hikes to do in Whistler.


Dog Friendly Pemberton: Walks, Hikes, and Hangouts

A list of our favourite Pemby places to take our dogs.


The Best Free Dog-Friendly Snowshoeing Trails to Do in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor This Winter

Our favourite dog-friendly snowshoeing trails in the Vancouver, Coast and Mountains region of BC. And they are fre

Happy & Healthy

Our best tips to stay happy and healthy :)


Pet Etiquette for a Safe & Fun Day at the Beach

Beach rules to follow for keeping the space safe, fun and healthy for both canines and people.


Muddy Paws in Spring: Natural House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Some quick and easy natural house cleaning tips to keep you and your dog happier and healthier.


Keep the Trails Pet Friendly By Following Dog Hiking Etiquette

Ensure smoother encounters and help your dog showcase his best manners on the trails with these simple rules of dog hiking etiquette.



Best Tips for Adventuring in the Winter with Dogs

Before heading out on a mountain adventure with your pawl, it's important to put some time into trip planning, training, and knowing which essentials to take to ensure you both have a fun and safe experience. 

Essential Tips to Keep Pets Safe in the Snow

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to know some essential tips to keep pets safe and happy in the snow.


Keep Your Pet Safe During Summer Celebrations

Things to avoid to ensure that you and your pet enjoy a happy and safe celebration time.