Rescue from Death Row


Louis (8 Year Old Chihuahua). He was rescued from death row in California.

Louis was brought into the ER for a cough, but that is not the real emergency. Millions of wonderful, sweet, healthy pets are euthanized in shelters every year because they can’t find good homes.

Meanwhile, millions more pets are bred in backyards and by breeders. Many of these end up in animal shelters, and then on death row. It is a vicious cycle.

Many people who get a pet realize after the novelty wears off that they don’t really have what it takes to care for it. About 1/3 of owners surrender pets because they move to a place that doesn’t allow pets. Pets are not disposable- it’s not like fashion where you can return something after you bought it. Death row is where many of the discarded pets end up.

There are thousands of rescue organizations. Whatever you are looking for (even if it is a purebred dog), we know that you can find it through a rescue organization.

Louis was rescued by West Coast Pet Project (you can check out their website at or find them on Facebook.