3.5 Approach to Pet Toxin and Poison Exposure + How To Administer Hydrogen Peroxide︱Pet First Aid Course

Please familiarize yourself with this protocol for pet poison and toxin exposure:

If you suspect your pet has ingested a poison or toxin, it is always considered an emergency until proven otherwise.

  • See a vet right away and/ or call ASPCA Animal Poison Control: 1888 426 4435.
    • I usually recommend getting the ASPCA Animal Poison Control on the phone so that they can start crunching the numbers (analyzing the ingredients in the product your pet was exposed to, and running them through their database to see if a toxic threshhold was reached) while simultaneously mobilizing in the direction of emergency vet care. By the time you arrive at the veterinarian, the poison control will have a list of recommendations for your vet to follow based on the amount of poison, or they may tell you that you don't even need to walk through the door of the hospital. Either way, you will be getting the best recommendation and will not have wasted a single second.
  • In some instances, ASPCA Animal Poison Control or your Veterinarian may recommend that you administer 3% Hydrogen Peroxide by mouth at home  in order to induce vomiting. NEVER GIVE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE TO CATS.