Backcountry Pet First Aid Kit
Backcountry Pet First Aid Kit
Backcountry Pet First Aid Kit
Backcountry Pet First Aid Kit

Little Pine Pet

Backcountry Pet First Aid Kit

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The "Backcountry Essentials" Pet First Aid Kit was designed by an emergency vet and backcountry enthusiast and is complimented by a series of free online pet first aid training videos. Everything you need to keep your adventure pup or kitty prepared in the mountains. Safety first. Fun also first.


-thermal foil emergency blanket (1)

-parachute cord (7’)

-disposable nitrile gloves (2)

-gauze sponges 4" x 4" (10)

-gauze sponges  2" x 2"(10)

-non-stick wound pad/ Telfa 3” x 4" (3)

-5" x 9" trauma pad (1)

-2" gauze roll (1)

-1” medical tape roll (1)

-2" elastic adhesive bandage (1)

-tongue depressors (2)

-sterile lubricant (3)

-rectal thermometer (1)

-scissors (1)

-hemostats (1)

-tweezers (1)

-tick twister (1)

-honey packet for emergency hypoglycemia (2)

-hemostatic powder (5g)

-topical antibiotic wound ointment (2 packets)

-diphenhydramine 25 mg capsules (6)

-hydrogen peroxide 3% (100ml):

-chlorhexidine gluconate 4%: general antiseptic (30ml)

-Little Pine skin and pad salve (15g)

-18 Ga needle (2)

-instant cold pack (1)

-cotton tip applicators (4)

-alcohol prep pads (3)

-povidone iodine prep pads (6)

-saline for irrigation (100ml)

-35 cc syringe (1)

Little Pine is a sustainable and ethical pet brand based out of Whistler, BC. Little Pine repurposes materials like expired climbing rope and outdated ski instructor uniforms, giving new life to products that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Check out Little Pine's amazing line of handmade pet apparel made from eco-friendly and upcycled materials for products you can feel good about.