Q: I think my dog has laboured breathing.

In this video we discuss what to do if you think your pet is having laboured breathing, or breathing that is heavier or noisier than usual. Laboured breathing is considered an emergency, and could be life-threatening. It is best to have this concern evaluated immediately by a veterinarian. If you think your pet is experiencing laboured breathing, take your pet to the nearest emergency clinic. Call them on the way and let them know you are coming. Tell them what your concerns are and how much your pet weighs so that they can prepare for you. It is better to be on the safe side and have it checked out right away, than to wait until it is too late.

There can be many different causes of laboured breathing. Sometimes pneumonia, sometimes heart failure, sometimes cancer in the lungs...and many more. Your vet may need to run some tests such as x-rays to determine the cause. Laboured breathing is serious (this is different from panting, which is what dogs do to cool off).

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