Best Advice For Pet Owners From Dr. Trevor Enberg


On today's episode of Twin Trees Vet Talk, we welcome our special guest and mentor, Dr. Trevor Enberg. Dr. Enberg is a Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Specialist at Canada West Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver, BC. Dr. Enberg helps us answer the question:

Q) What's your best advice for pet owners?

and of course we also want to know...

Q) What's your favourite animal? (hint: his t-shirt says: "got ink?")

Dr. Enberg's best advice:

  1. GOOD MEDICAL INSURANCE SAVES LIVES: "I said it before and I'll say it again- insurance saves so many lives." Having good medical insurance is highly recommended and can be life-saving in situations of catastrophic illness and injury. View the Pet Insurance Comparison Chart.
  2. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE GETTING A PET. Especially with dogs, ensure that the breed is appropriate for your lifestyle. Also, certain breeds come with problems (both behavioural and medical problems). Do your research! Ask veterinarians for their advice to help you select an appropriate pet for your lifestyle. Help an animal in need- there are so many wonderful pets in need of homes.
  3. SEEK VETERINARY ADVICE SOONER THAN LATER: Even a minor illness can become a serious problem if left too long.

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