HAS YOUR PET HAD A CYSTOCENTESIS? Did you wonder how it was done? Comment below!

CYSTOCENTESIS IS A ROUTINE PROCEDURE where we collect a sterile urine sample directly from the bladder using a needle. It's usually preferred over voided or "free catch" urine samples, since those are often contaminated. It is also difficult to get a lot of pets to urinate on command (try asking a cat to provide a urine sample in a sterile cup).

We apply alcohol to enhance the ultrasound signal and disinfect the skin. Sometimes we will clip the fur, especially if the patient is very fluffy. It's easiest to use ultrasound but it can also be done without ultrasound. It is usually pretty quick and painless, but some pets are afraid to be on their backs and might need gentle sedation.

There are many reasons for a "cysto": to analyze the urine for infection or crystals, or as part of assessing kidney function. The white puppy was showing neurologic signs so we needed a urine sample for a drug test. Did you know that can find drugs at campsites and beaches?

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