Did you know that a bag of chips could pose a deadly threat to your pet? Plastic bags are silent killers found in nearly every  household. 


I will always remember the first time in my career as an emergency vet that I was faced with a dog who arrived DOA (DOA means Dead On Arrival) from suffocation in a bag of potato chips. I admit- until then I didn’t realize that this could happen.

In fact,  90% of pet owners didn’t know about the dangers of suffocation in food bags and containers until it happened to their pet. This happened to experienced, loving pet owners.

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The bottom line: Suffocation from plastic bags (especially chip and snack bags) really happens. When it does, it is tragic. Some tips to prevent this from happening to your pet:
Pet-Suffocation-Journey-of-a-chip-bag 2

For pet care workers out there, you can share this downloadable poster with your team and clients to promote pet suffocation awareness.  


What about the bigger picture? Did you know plastic bags are smothering marine life and pose other dangers to our planet?


For more information on what plastic is doing to our planet, you can check out and share OPEN YOUR EYES, a short, informative video narrated by Jeff Bridges and brought to you by the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

open your eyes

How can we help?

By now we should all know to bring our own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store and stop using plastic bags (for environmental reasons). David Suzuki lays it out plain and simple…

Plastic is bad

Plastic bags are bad and for the most part unnecessary.”
 David Suzuki
Here are a few more tips from Jack Johnson on how to reduce plastic in your daily life.
If you are concerned about your pet having laboured breathing or possible suffocation, you should call your vet or the nearest veterinary emergency clinic right away.