Twin Trees Vet Lifestyle: Ella (Winter)

Ella is in the "winter" of her years. She has spent most of her life keeping watch over the Vet ER team, and she has donated her own blood many times to save other doggies. But life as a vet's dog isn't all work no play. Not long ago, Ella would run up these mountains and race behind us while we skied down. Now she is happy to just enjoy the view and snack on snow. As part of Twin Trees Vet's mission statement, our team is supported in living a healthy, active lifestyle. Working in the Vet ER can be stressful and draining. We acknowledge that in order to be our best on the job, we need to recharge when we are not on duty. We encourage our team to get outside, unplug, explore in nature, live a life filled with passion, adopt a healthy diet/ lifestyle and have FUN!!!