Send Your Dog On An Adventure Hike

Here’s another reason Whistler has my heart.

We have such a warm dog-lovers community that supports other dog owners. Planning to spend the day at the ski resort, but don’t want your canine to stay at home? Send him on an Adventure Hike with Whistler Alpine Dogs. They’ll pick up and drop off your dog for full or half-day adventures.

Saundra started Alpine Dogs in 2008, and I’ve heard the highest compliments of her. Dogs get excited when they hear the Alpine Dogs truck pull up in the driveway. They come back happily exhausted, too. A tough - and exhilarating - workout does just as much for dogs as it does for humans.

Dogs and exercise

Canines evolved to be active. Before they became pets, dogs hunted, guarded their territory, and scavenged for food. Just like us, the modern lifestyle can pose health risks for dogs. Think about all the health issues humans face with our sedentary lifestyles. Dogs can get chronic lifestyle diseases too.

Maybe more so than humans, dogs have a hard time finding intellectual stimulation in our modern lifestyles. They can’t check out a Youtube video or read blogs. Dogs can get bored. Just because they have a backyard to run around in doesn’t mean they’re getting the stimulation they need to be healthy and well. Exploring new places in nature and smelling new scents can help them gain that stimulation.

Here’s another upside to giving your dog a long hike. Well-exercised dogs behave far better than dogs that stay at home all day. Think about how much pent-up energy an eight-year-old has if she doesn’t get to play. It’s the same idea.

The logistics

Pick-up times are 9 am for full-day and morning adventures and 12:30 pm for afternoon half-day adventures. They also offer a 10-walk discount card for Whistler residents. Your dog must be spayed/neutered, have had the routine vaccinations, and be friendly and social. He’ll have a blast with his doggy pals while you adventure with your human pals. Check out the Alpine Dogs website here.