Puppy Ate Entire Bottle of Advil

In the Vet ER we see pets for ingesting entire bottles of medications all the time. This can be very serious and even fatal. I have seen pets find bottles of medications in purses, in backpacks, on countertops and in cabinets, and then chew through the bottle and eat all remaining tablets. We want everyone to be aware this danger and to take extra care to store medications securely and fully out of reach of pets and children. If a toxin exposure occurs, it is very important to get medical care right away and to not wait until symptoms develop.

The medical care for a major intoxication can be expensive, which is why I always recommend that all pet owners have good medical insurance, just in case a major medical problem happens out of the blue.



Having good medical insurance is highly recommended and can be life-saving in situations of catastrophic illness and injury. View the Pet Insurance Comparison Chart.

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