Sweet Rosie was found lying on the ground in the horse corral. She had either been kicked or stepped on, and showed symptoms of traumatic brain injury. After being stabilized for transport, she was transferred to a specialty hospital, where she was was under the care of board-certified veterinary neurology and critical care specialists. The CT scan showed that her skull was fractured with protrusion into the brain. Luckily she improved substantially overnight and did not need brain surgery. Whenever other animals are present (other pets, wildlife and livestock), accidents can happen, and sometimes these are life-threatening. We are thankful to Rosie and her family for allowing us to share her story, so that other pets and their families can be more aware of the danger that "OTHER ANIMALS" present.

Each year many pets are brought into the Twin Trees Vet ER for injuries resulting from encounters with other animals. This can happen in the blink of the eye. Often injuries from larger pets, livestock and wildlife are serious, even fatal.

Being in an area where other animals are present can be just as dangerous as being next to a busy highway. A leash and close supervision can help to keep your pet safe.

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