This is Mad Max, he's a 10 year old Pomeranian. Max was rescued from a puppy mill. His new owner adopted him through a Pomeranian Rescue. Basically, because he hadn't received proper care at the puppy mill, Mad Max's hair was so overgrown and matted that he couldn't poop (sorry, it's true). That whole area was very raw and painful, and he was in a lot of distress when he came in. We had to sedate him and decided the best thing would be to just shave him (lion cut) so that he could be properly cleaned and so that we could inspect the rest of his skin to ensure that it was healthy. Sorry, we didn't show the "before photos" but here is Mad Max after he woke up from his emergency makeover.

We see a lot of "fashion emergencies" with long-haired pets. Sometimes they develop skin infections and other problems from not being properly groomed. Remember that having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, and if you have a long-haired pet, that can mean a lot of work in the grooming department. Also, puppy mills are very common and are just bad (a lot of times the dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions, cages, and usually do not get the care and attention they need). You can rescue any breed from a rescue organization or shelter- just do some research and find one that suits your lifestyle. We need better regulations for breeders, because irresponsible breeding leads to animal suffering and unhealthy genetics.

Millions of wonderful, sweet, healthy pets are euthanized in shelters every year because they can’t find good homes. Meanwhile, millions more pets are bred in backyards and by breeders. Many of these end up in animal shelters, and then on death row. It is a vicious cycle.

Many people who get a pet realize after the novelty wears off that they don’t really have what it takes to care for it. About 1/3 of owners surrender pets because they move to a place that doesn’t allow pets. Pets are not disposable- it’s not like fashion where you can return something after you bought it. Death row is where many of the discarded pets end up.

There are thousands of rescue organizations. Whatever you are looking for (even if it is a purebred dog), we know that you can find it through a rescue organization.

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