Dog Suffocation- A Sad Day At Twin Trees Vet

WARNING: Sensitive content. This video is for educational purposes. Viewer discretion is advised. Please be respectful.

Did you know that a bag of chips could pose a deadly threat to your pet? Plastic bags are silent killers found in nearly every household.

I will always remember the first time in my career as an emergency vet that I was faced with a dog who arrived DOA (DOA means Dead On Arrival) from suffocation in a bag of potato chips. I admit- until then I didn’t realize that this could happen.

SADLY, THIS HAPPENS A LOT to good dogs with loving families. Many of these dogs are not puppies. Most of them are extremely well-behaved dogs belong to very responsible families; they are well cared for and dearly loved. But there is just that one time when they cannot resist the temptation.

Hardly anybody knows this can happen until it happens to their pet.

DOGS LOVE SNACKS THAT COME IN BAGS. They put their head in the bag...

IT HAPPENS SO QUICKLY. Less than 5 minutes is all it takes. It is nearly impossible for us to save these pets- they can't get to the ER fast enough.

DOES YOUR DOG LOVE SNACKS? Then it could happen to your pet too.

PREVENTION IS THE ONLY WAY to save pets from suffocation in plastic bags.
-CUT ALL PLASTIC BAGS into very small pieces before discarding.
-SERVE SNACKS IN BOWLS and store them in rigid containers.
-STORE ALL PLASTIC BAGS out of reach of pets and children.
-SECURE ALL GARBAGE CANS so that they cannot be accessed by pets.

WE ARE GRATEFUL TO NITA'S FAMILY for allowing us to tell her story, so that we can save other puppies from this hidden danger.