Lexington is a 16 year old Brussels Griffon. About 2 years ago she was brought in to the Twin Trees ER because she had a seizure in the middle of the night. She was assessed and treated with medications to control seizures. There are many different causes of seizures, but for a pet over the age of 9 to suddenly have a seizure, we worry most about brain tumours. Lexington was referred to a veterinary neurology specialist for more advanced testing. MRI showed what we had feared: Lexington was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

But Lexington's parents were committed to doing everything possible to help her. She part of the family. They worked with an amazing team of neurology and cancer specialists. Lexington underwent six rounds of radiation therapy to shrink the tumour.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years. If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, getting a referral to a cancer specialist (oncologist) can be very helpful. It's truly amazing what can be done for pets with cancer these days.
She has been doing really great! These last 2 years have been so special (that's like 10 years in dog years!).

We are so very proud of her family for their courage and dedication to Lexington.

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Thank you to Lexington's family for allowing us to share her story. Thank you also to her amazing team of specialists in New York state for providing Lexington with the highest level of medical care. She wouldn't be here without you!!

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