Cute Dog Stepped on a Nail

This sweet little Golden Retriever stepped on a nail while on her morning walk. Luckily, it had not damaged any blood vessels or nerves as it entered and exited the paw. Before pulling out the nail, we gave her gentle intravenous sedation (to alleviate anxiety and pain). Then we clipped the fur so we could do a proper job of cleaning the puncture wound. We placed a light bandage and then she went home with antibiotics and a medication to reduce pain and inflammation.

It is best to have your vet remove objects that have penetrated the body. Sometimes when the object is removed, a lot of bleeding can suddenly start.

These owners did everything correctly: they brought her straight to the emergency room (immediately) without unnecessary delays or trying to DIY the problem at home. Sometimes good first aid means not tinkering and directly to the ER, where the problem can be properly managed. For this patient, her owners correct actions meant a lower risk of complications like infection, bleeding and nerve damage. 

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