What to expect

What to expect

Care for your pet starts the moment you walk in our door. We give our attention to critical cases first, and to all pets always.

After hours care at Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic looks like this:

1. Initial Assessment (and emergency stabilization measures if needed)
We assess your best pal with a thorough physical exam and gather medical history.

2. Recommendations
Our initial findings will dictate a course of action. We’ll form diagnostic and treatment recommendations and share them with you.

3. Plan of Action
Based on our recommendations, family wishes, your pet’s condition, budget, etc., we’ll talk together about the best possible plan for your pet and your family.

4. Ongoing Care
Depending on the type of medical problem and our discussions, your pet’s care may be transferred back to your regular veterinarian when they open in the morning or be referred to a specialty clinic for advanced care.