The health and wellbeing of animals is our lifework

We love animals–though our team is truly kind to humans too. We promise. We saw a need in Whistler for after hours and weekend veterinary care. Whistler is chock full of well-loved dogs and cats who play just as hard as their owners. And who deserve quality, professional, positive, and compassionate care no matter the time of day or night. We work alongside local veterinarians so our work is always collaborative. We’re a team working to make animals’ lives better.

Our team has hands-on emergency training and experience that enables us to recognize and diagnose disease and trauma before the damage is irreparable. We work fast and effectively to save animal lives (and save human bank accounts, too).

Our team is not only filled with animal lovers but also with healthy living enthusiasts. We support them in their active lifestyles and continuing education – the happier, healthier, and more bal-anced they are in life, the better, more compassionate service they can provide to local animals in need.

Veterinary medicine is our work; giving back to society and the beautiful animals in it is the core of our clinic. Through education, leadership, and outreach, we protect animal health and welfare, prevent suffering, promote health, and encourage conservation of animal resources. If the animals are healthy and happy, we are doing our jobs. That is the measure of our success.

Say hello to your Whistler support team

It can take a small village to manage an animal’s health in an emergency. Please drop by at anytime to our Whistler Veterinary Clinic and say hello to the two faces you will likely see the most. We work in parallel and will oversee your pet’s situation with great care.

Dr. Melinda Lopez

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Lopez has spent the better part of the last decade working in the Vet ER. When she is not busy helping animals, you can usually find her in the mountains. Education and Training: Bachelor of Sciences (BS), Biology, Stanford University; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM; inducted into Phi Zeta Honor Society as a junior), Colorado State University; Emergency and Critical Care Specialty Internship and Hospitalist, Canada West Veterinary Specialists

Erin Peters RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

Erin moved from Ontario in 2015 to start a new adventure in the mountains. Erin lives in Pemberton where she enjoys getting out in the forest and mountains and enjoying everything BC has to offer. Growing up skiing and snowboarding on tiny Ontario “mountains” and always dreaming of shredding Whistler mountain, she now takes any chance she can to hit the powder and send it! Erin always knew that she was destined to work with animals which she perused from a young age. Following successful completion of the Advanced Veterinary Technician program at St.Lawrence College (Kingston, Ont) Erin continued her studies and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Over the years Erin has acquired a range of different experience from working with injured wildlife at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona to helping the large farm animals in Pemberton. Coming from working in routine Veterinary Medicine, Erin is amazed by the different cases she encounters working as an Emergency Technician and looks forward to continuing to grow her experience and always keep learning!

Rob Ferguson

Boutique Specialist

Rob relocated to Whistler permanently in 2014 after leaving a successful 28 year career in luxury retail to fulfill his dream of a mountain life. His passion for the ski slopes is only matched by his love of animals. His beloved pooch Gracie is definitely a snow widow on powder days. Animal care, skiing and retail combined fulfill his mountain dream.

Brittney Lyle

Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Brittney first realized her passion for working with animals after volunteering in Turkey at an animal shelter in which she was working closely with veterinarians to spay/ neuter and treat sick animals. She pursued a career in Veterinary nursing in 2014 and is now working at Twin Trees Emergency in Whistler. Originally from Australia, she has a new found love for the ski and mountain life in Whistler.

Erin Hooper

Veterinary Nurse

Erin recently moved to Whistler from the East Coast of Australia to pursue her passion in snowboarding and veterinary care. She is a qualified Veterinary Nurse in Australia, with many years of experience in companion animal and wildlife veterinary practices. Her interest in wildlife has taken her to Borneo to volunteer with Orangutans and to Switzerland to work with Spanish Mustangs. Now she starts her new journey in Whistler, leaving her best buddies Lenny the Staffy and Chip & Lily the Whippets at home in Australia.

Dr. Julia Whitfield

Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Julia Whitfield BVM&S MCRVS, received her veterinary degree from the University of Edinburgh, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, in Scotland. During this time she directed her training towards Wildlife and Conservation Medicine. She has traveled the world, becoming a guardian and an advocate for some of the worlds most endangered and heavily poached creatures. While she spends her time between projects honing her emergency skills in the Twin Trees ER, her heart and passion lies deep within the rainforests of Belize guarding Scarlet Macaws chicks or in the savannahs of Africa helping to save the world's true unicorn- the Rhinoceros.


Patient and Client Care Advocate

Growing up between British Columbia, Alberta and the Northwest Territories, Vancouver was home for most of it. Six years ago Mallory moved to Whistler on a whim, and hasn’t found a good enough reason to leave since. Volunteering at the local animal shelter WAG Mallory found a love of helping animals, she is now employed at WAG, the place that sparked the fire. Mallory is excited to explore all avenues of animal welfare, she is pet first aid certified and currently enrolled in Karen Pryor clicker training course. In her free time she enjoys being outside, though you won’t find her hitting the slopes in the winter, she lives for the mountain summers. Swimming, hiking, gardening, biking, fishing, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.


Furry Team

Ella is the best dog in the world! She has spent her life adventuring in the mountains with with her best bud. Her stoke is unrivaled when the first snow falls, and sleeping bags (strangely) and jerky are two of her favorite things.


Furry Team

Meet Fetcher! Emily adopted this fur baby from WAG. Fletchers passions are cheese, playing hide and seek and cuddling. He also thinks he has a beautiful singing voice and will not stop meowing until he gets breakfast…he normally starts serenading his parents at 5am.


Furry Team

Rob met Gracie in 2012 as a 4 1/2 year old shelter dog. She had spent half of her life in shelters so it takes her some time to trust people, but she is thriving in Whistler. Once she knows you, she will let you rub her ears until your hand cramps!

How To Help Wildlife

Health Resources & Community Outreach Coordinator



Furry Team

Kitty is a four year old domestic shorthair cat from an SPCA in Saskatchewan. She was a stray from the city streets and has the short and kinked tail to prove it! Even though she had a tough start to life she is very affectionate, smart, and wants to be with you always; even in the snow! Since living in her loving home, she gets spoiled and has learned new tricks; like high fives! She gets along well with her fuzzy brother Tofino and loves to cuddle.


Furry Team

Stardust was surrendered to WAG (the Whistler animal shelter) in the 2015. She didn't have the easiest past and desperately wanted human affection. Mallory says: "I didn't bring her home with the intention of adopting but this girl brightens my day. I love coming home to her. She had my heart the second I looked into her big blue eyes. She can be a bit of a chatty girl especially around breakfast and dinner which is never left untouched. She is playful and spunky but is most happy when she is cuddling with you, on your lap, in your arms or under the sheets. She has an awesome brother named Cheeto. They are both learning how to walk on the leash, in hopes of one day being adventure cats She is understanding that her forever home is with me, where she'll always be safe, and we'll be able to grow up together."


Furry Team

Tofino is an adult husky, a retired sled dog who never pulled. He was born into some difficult circumstances, but was thankfully rescued by a compassionate animal lover who brought him to the local animal shelter, Whistler Animals Galore. He was adopted by a shelter volunteer at the time, Katie Campbell, who quickly realized that he was not developing as he should. Tofino was put on daily anti inflammatory pain medication, because he couldn't get out of bed without being in intense pain. Once he was eligible for surgery his parents tried for total hip replacement. Since he's such a severe case, it was unsuccessful. A Femoral Head Ostectomy was done in place; this procedure removes the top of the femur and bottom of the pelvis. Scar tissue forms in between the empty space to form a floating joint; which is not as stable as a total hip replacement, but means that he can live without pain. Since recovering from his surgery he can run, jump, and play with abandon.