The Snoop and Love Community Foundation

 “The Snoop and Love Community Foundation,” is a registered non-profit BC society. It receives funding from private and corporate donors and through private and public grants.

The purposes of the foundation are:

  1. To provide financial assistance to qualifying pets to help cover the cost of veterinary treatment in an emergency.
  2. To sponsor education, outreach, and community-building endeavors pertaining to animals, wellness and the environment.

While the first initiative enables us to care for the less-fortunate pets in our local community during emergency situations, the second embodies our larger-scale goal of creating a positive impact on our planet through education.

The Snoop and Love Community Foundation was named after two very special patients, who will always remain a source of inspiration for the people whose lives they touched.

Love’s story is a perfect example of a community coming together for the noble yet seemingly modest purpose of saving a single life less fortunate. Love was a homeless young cat who was found lifeless in a field by several small children (they gave her the name Love). The children’s neighbors ran toward their calls for help, and rushed Love to the emergency vet, where the team performed heroic measures and narrowly saved Love’s life. In the following days and weeks, the chain of altruism continued to unfold for Love, from the dedicated staff at the veterinary hospital, to the foster family that provided a safe home for Love’s post-operative recovery, to the countless individuals who pledged donations, and ultimately to the family that adopted Love into her forever home.

Snoop was only 10 weeks old (a Doberman puppy) when was surrendered from a neglectful home in a state of near-death. He was starving and emaciated (literally a skeleton), and he was severely infected with a deadly virus (Parvo) and intestinal parasites (hook worms), which had depleted Snoop of nearly all of his red blood cells. The veterinarian’s own dog, Ella, donated blood for Snoop’s life-saving blood transfusion, and a huge network of hospital staff and community members supported Snoop through his critical illness. After he recovered, Snoop became a service dog for a war veteran, thus completing the circle of altruism.

How does emergency financial assistance through The Snoop and Love Community Foundation work?

  • The Snoop and Love Community Foundation sets eligibility criteria for pets who demonstrate financial need.
  • Help is given on a case-by-case basis. Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic Staff determine who will receive help from the fund.
  • The ability to offer financial assistance also depends on the availability of funds. In order to remain viable, the fund carries a monthly cap and a minimum availability threshold.
  • Before applying for help from the Snoop and Love Community Foundation, clients must first fill out an application for PetCard (a financing program for medical care), and they must fully utilize the available credit provided by this option.
  • Twin Trees Veterinary Clinic does not bill or set up payment plans.

Who is eligible to receive financial assistance from the Snoop and Love Community Foundation?

  • Homeless pets, pets that have been surrendered by their owners, and pets belonging to clients who have been deemed eligible and who have demonstrated financial need.
  • The pet must be experiencing a medical emergency.
  • The pet must have a fair to good prognosis.

Although The Snoop and Love Community Foundation does not yet have the ability to issue tax receipts, we hope this will change within the next two years. For your reference, the business number of the society is 74990-1120.