Dog With Congestive Heart Failure ( CHF )

GRIFFIN (10 YR OLD BORDER COLLIE) Sudden laboured breathing and unable to get up.

He had a big day running in the snow with friends.HE'S HAD A HEART MURMUR FOR YEARS. Last year he was treated for congestive heart failure and started taking heart medications. THIS CHANGE WAS VERY SUDDEN. HE IS SCARED. He is having a really hard time breathing. You can see the panic in his eyes. We must be very careful to not stress him. HIS HEART MURMUR IS AS LOUD AS IT GETS.You can hear the fluid building up in his lungs. It is called pulmonary edema. This is very serious. HIS DAD HOLDS THE OXYGEN NEAR HIS NOSE. His parents comfort Griff while we place the IV catheter. Panic makes everything worse.

WE GIVE HIM A MEDICATION TO REDUCE ANXIETY and a diuretic medication called furosemide (Lasix) to help reduce the fluid in the lungs. HE'S LESS STRESSED. WE CAN USE NASAL OXYGEN and apply monitors (EKG, blood pressure, etc.) Before he was too panicked to allow anything near his face. HE IS STARTING TO RELAX and take better breaths. The machine with the red lights monitors his oxygen saturation. WE SCAN THE CHEST WITH ULTRASOUND to make sure there are no pockets of fluid that we would need to drain. WE ALSO CHECK THE ABDOMEN FOR FLUID since this just is a brief, focused ultrasound, we can use alcohol (instead of shaving his fur). HIS BREATHING RATE IS STILL TOO FAST So we give him a 2nd dose of lasix. Some heart medications can be hard on the kidneys, so we must be careful. THE HOURS FLY BY. HE IS IMPROVING We've been turning down the oxygen. TIME FOR A QUICK BATHROOM BREAK We lower the gurney for him... HE'S A PERFECT PATIENT ...going back up.

WE CONTINUE TO MONITOR HIM until he is stable. He has a nice long nap. WE REFER HIM TO THE CARDIOLOGIST so that he can be in the best possible hands for ongoing management of his heart disease.