Yam dog chews are delicious and my mom says they are easy to make! All my mom does is peel the yams then slices them into big chunks. Somehow they are way sm...

Happy Hips!

Hello friends, new and old! We live in an amazing place filled with hard working and dedicated individuals, furry and otherwise! Sled dogs are among these indi...


Furry Team

Tofino is an adult husky, a retired sled dog who never pulled. He was born into some difficult circumstances, but was thankfully rescued by a compassionate animal lover who brought him to the local animal shelter, Whistler Animals Galore. He was adopted by a shelter volunteer at the time, Katie Campbell, who quickly realized that he was not developing as he should. Tofino was put on daily anti inflammatory pain medication, because he couldn't get out of bed without being in intense pain. Once he was eligible for surgery his parents tried for total hip replacement. Since he's such a severe case, it was unsuccessful. A Femoral Head Ostectomy was done in place; this procedure removes the top of the femur and bottom of the pelvis. Scar tissue forms in between the empty space to form a floating joint; which is not as stable as a total hip replacement, but means that he can live without pain. Since recovering from his surgery he can run, jump, and play with abandon.