Welcome to your QUIZ SECTION I: 7 Dangers to Avoid

1. Which one of these is NOT toxic to dogs?
2. Which one of these is NOT toxic to cats?
3. Which one of these is NOT a vehicle danger?
4. What can you do to prevent conflicts with wildlife?
5. Which of the following is FALSE regarding safety precautions you should take when eating chips and other snacks from plastic bags?
6. What is highrise syndrome?
7. Which one is NOT a hazard to be aware of while babysitting?
8. What are some strategies at home to keep your pet safe?
9. What are some strategies in public to keep your pet safe?
10. Which question to ask your caretaker is NOT important for your pet's safety?
11. Can you offer medical advice without a medical degree?
12. How can you avoid bad genetics?
13. Responsibilities of pet ownership include:
14. What is parvo?
15. Is Parvo preventable?


Identify any hazards in your home and take the necessary steps to keep your pets safe as possible.

Extra credit: Make a short video as you do your homework assignment (finding/addressing the hazards) and send it to us via Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to show us your furbaby in the video 🙂