In this video, Dr. Lopez (Emergency Vet) reacts to an episode of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, where a dog named Rocky is bitten by a rattlesnake.

Each year many pets are brought into the Twin Trees Vet ER for wildlife encounters. It can happen in the blink of the eye. Often the injuries from wildlife are serious, even fatal. Worse, some pets are never seen again.


We see pets injured by coyotes, bears, wolves, raccoons, bobcats, lynx, deer, porcupines, (no rattlesnakes in Whistler, but in Taos, NM we saw tons) and raptors. We also see dogs getting hit by cars while chasing squirrels and deer. Being in a wildlife area is just as dangerous as being next to a busy highway. A leash and close supervision can help to keep your pet safe.

Here are the 3 best pieces of advice from the emergency vet that could save your pet’s life:

1) DON’T WAIT TOO LONG TO GET HELP! If you wait too long, it could be too late (and usually way more expensive). This is especially true for concerns such as laboured breathing, pale gums and weakness. You know your pet best, so if you are worried or concerned, “when in doubt, check it out!”

2) PREVENT THE PREVENTABLE. Learn as much as possible about dangers that face your pet, such as household poisons, seemingly harmless objects (such as toys, clothing, garbage and rocks), other animals (including wildlife!), and vehicles. Pets are like toddlers and they need a responsible adult/babysitter to protect them from danger. Puppies and kittens need to start their vaccines at 8 WEEKS (and they need boosters too!) to protect them from deadly diseases.

3) BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST CASE SCENARIO. Have a plan in place, know your nearest emergency clinic, have the ASPCA phone number on speed dial. Know basic first aid training and CPR. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, BE FINANCIALLY PREPARED. The cost of medical treatment in an emergency, and the owners’ ability to pay for it, is probably the most important factor that determines whether a pet will receive the medical care it needs. The best way to protect yourself is to have good medical insurance for your pet. Do your research.

**REMEMBER**: WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM, with the best interest of the patient as everyone’s first priority. Let your vet do what he/she does best, and don’t try to grab the steering wheel and obstruct your vet from doing his/her job. We are all in the same car, we are all headed to the same place, but only one of us has the driver’s license (meaning, only the vet has the medical training and background to “drive the car”).

Please remember to spay/ neuter your pet, and to donate to your local animal shelter- they really need your help!


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ELCOME TO PET PARENTING 101! On this playlist, you will find all of the information that you need to be a responsible and informed pet parent, so that you can keep your furbaby safe from danger and be prepared for the worst case scenario. The year is 2020 and the days of being a “pet owner” are over. There was a time when pets were considered property, and people thought that if their dog got sick or broke a leg- “put it to sleep and get a new one.” Our society’s beliefs on the responsibilities of pet guardianship have evolved, but there is still a disconnect when it comes to giving pet parents the information that they need to be responsible and informed pet guardians.

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