Bae-Bae was diagnosed with an end-stage urinary obstruction. Urethral obstruction is a life-threatening condition, which can result in severely increased potassium levels, increased kidney values, cardiac arrhythmia and death. Unfortunately, due to the very long period of time that had elapsed, Bae-Bae was in a moribund state on arrival and showed significant derangements on emergency blood work. His serum potassium was elevated to fatal levels, causing a severe cardiac arrhythmia.

In this video we discuss vital information that pet owners need to know to be prepared for pet ownership. The responsibility to provide timely medical care when your pet is sick or injured, is just as much an obligation of pet ownership as are providing food, water and shelter. These are hard conversations to have, but failure to provide timely medical care in an emergency constitutes neglect, and this is a form of animal cruelty or abuse.

We discuss the importance of getting timely medical care if you are worried or concerned about your pet, the importance of being financially prepared for the worst case scenario (in most cases this means having good medical insurance). Before you get a pet it is important to know this, otherwise, you could end up putting yourself, your pet and the entire veterinary medical team in a really bad situation.