1. Go fishing – Plan a day and pack a lunch! Find your dad an awesome vintage pole on craigslist or social media pages. No need to buy a new fancy one! Impress your dad with knowledge of sustainable fishing and local fish!



2. Choose a good photo of your dad and his best furry friend have it blown up and framed at your local photo store. Whistler Foto Source is a great local location.

3. Build something – Is your dad the type that’s always in the garage with his tools? Make a plan to build a bird house or get out the list of things around the house that need repairing!

4. Go on a local trail or hike – Bring along his best 4 legged friend and make a day of it, packing a lunch and spending some time taking in the view. Stawamus Chief, Skywalk Trail, and St. Mark’s Summit are just a few we’re lucky to have in the Sea to Sky corridor



5. Make a donation in your fathers name to your local animal shelter.

6. Coffee junkie dad? – Look at his favourite coffee spots, get him a gift card, or a take home of his favourite beans to enjoy on the weekends

7. Help your dad stay away from disposable plastic and buy him a great eco friendly to go coffee thermos.


8. Fire up the grill – Show your dad the he has passed on his grilling knowledge! Think outside the box and make him something he hasn’t tried before using fresh organic produce!

9. Volunteer with your Dad –  Spend the day giving back, clean a local park, visit a children’s hospital, deliver hot meals, walk to fight disease, the options to help others are abundant. 


10. Give him the whole weekend to be celebrated! – Plan a camping trip and some serious time away from technology.


11. Go to a museum or art gallery – Let your dad choose or look into if any exhibits are showing!



12. Let him relax – Introduce him to aromatherapy, a diffuser and some essential oils


13. Does your dad hate being late? – Give him the gift of time. There are so many eco-friendly watch choices are out there now! Bamboo, solar, the options are endless.


14. The gift of craft beer – Take your dad on a brewery tour. Going to be outside instead? Just bring a couple bottles of his favourite brew along with you!


15. Take him to an event – Look into what’s happening, a local symphony playing? Local sport team? Make memories!

16. Plant a tree.

17. Treat him to an upgrade, a solar powered razor! This is an awesome gift if your dad has to be clean shaven for work!

18. Renew your dad’s gym membership – An add on gift, a new eco friendly water bottle that he’ll have for years to come!


19. Spend the day at the park – Bring the whole family, including the furry members, along and hit up a local farmers market on the way!

The Farmer’s market in Whistler takes place every Sunday morning, and on Wednesday evenings!

20. Go on the green – Get your dad a couple of rounds, go to the driving range with him, or do mini for fun! Get dad a pack of eco balls!


cover image courtesy of HugAPugStudios