Flowers are a common gift for mother’s day. With good reason, they are bright, beautiful and smell wonderful. A bouquet of flowers or a house plant can be the perfect gift but is it the safest for your pet?

Some plants are toxic to cats and if ingested can result in vomiting, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney damage, respiratory failure and even death. An extensive list of poisonous plants and flowers can be found here >> Poisonous Plants for Cats and Dogs

Lilies are a common gift for mother’s day however if there is a cat in the family it is best to steer clear. Dr. Lopez explains the dangers Lilies pose to cats on our HEALTH TIPS page LILIES ARE PRETTY BUT KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE KITTY.

Need a gift idea now that we have axed your plant of choice?  There are several pet-friendly gifts that can also be of benefit to the environment. Give a gift to both your mother and mother nature.

Give the gift of life…..to the bees! We are sure you have heard of the dangerous decline in the bee population (If the bees disappear, we’ll all be stung). This is mostly a result from a lack of bee habitat.

Create a bee habitat for mother’s day! There are many fun gift ideas that support the bee population. David Suzuki lists some great ideas>> Create a bee friendly garden. Building a bee bath or house sounds fun! Or give a plant that provides food for the bees and humans..it’s a win-win! This could also be turned into a fun family project for those who are eager.

DIY bee bath

DIY bee bath

Bee-friend the bees. Without them we will not survive.

If you believe that your cat has ingested a lily, it is best get help right away. You can start by calling a pet poisoning helpline Pet Poison Helpline or you can see your vet right away.

Happy Mother’s Day!