Did you know that your pooches poops can be recycled!? Whistler is proud to be a part of PUP, the Pick Up Protocol. Now there’s even more reason to pick up after your pooch, aside from just being a responsible pet parent.

recycling PUP

Before this new pilot program Whistler’s dog waste travelled hundreds of kilometres to a landfill in Washington State. But now with vegetable-based compostable bags it will be transferred down to the RMOW composting facility in the Callaghan Valley. The material will be mixed with biosolids from the Wastewater Treatment Plant, residential and commercial food waste and wood waste, where it will be effectively treated to produce a number of high quality soil amendments to be sold at the Waste Transfer Station and Squamish Landfill.


One off leash dog park in Whistler currently supplies the compostable bags: Bayly Park in Cheakamus Crossing along with a special red PUP bin.“We are excited to offer an innovative program that recognizes the needs of dog owners while balancing our residents’ passion for the environment. The PUP program is a great way to convert dog waste into compost, while diverting waste from our garbage stream, reducing costs and helping to protect the environment. I’m looking forward to seeing enthusiastic uptake by dog owners!” said Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden when the initiative started in August of 2013. 

This initiative is still in its beginning stages and a key component to the success of this will be that dog owners take part and dispose of only compostable materials in the provided bins and not other non-compostable materials that could contaminate the waste stream. The special PUP dog waste bags are vegetable-based and completely compostable. Plastic and biodegradable dog waste bags, on the other hand, are not compostable and would contaminate the waste stream if disposed in the PUP bins. 

Pick up after pet
We hope to see the PUP receptacles and compostable bags brought to the other dog friendly parks in Whistler soon!

Reducing, reusing, and recycling; even when it comes to your dogs poop. 


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