Twin Trees Vet Home

Our stunning natural home!

We live in such a beautiful place and are so lucky to call Whistler home. The fresh clean air, the many lakes for swimming, the mountains to climb, the forests to explore…no wonder bears like to live here!

Because this place is so magical we have made the decision to live here….in bear country. Because of this it is our responsibility to continue to grow Whistler as a Bear Smart Community.


In his natural habitat

Bear behaviour can be predictable. If we educate ourselves on bear behaviours we will understand why bears are attracted to human populated areas and how we can limit human bear interactions and eliminate conflicts. Unfortunately because of our mistakesBear Smart  too many bears have lost their lives. But we can change this! With education and a promise to respect the bears by giving space, eliminating attractants and choosing Non-lethal bear management. Get Bear Smart Society Whistler is a great place to start. The Get Bear Smart Society website is full of information on bear attractants, deterrents, what to do if you see a bear, camping tips, child education and so much more! Check them out! 

Bear Smart

We promise to stay bear smart!

During those precious moments when wildlife graces us with their presence remember to admire from afar and be thankful that we live in a place where these moments are possible.