Looking for love- but 16 Candles is more like 79 Candles when you are a cat! One of the more interesting characters up for adoption at the Whistler Animal Shelter (WAG), Lizzie is a hip old lady, with dreamy yellow eyes, a saunter in her step, a little bit of baggage, and a lot of sass. She is looking for that perfect soulmate- someone who will love her into her silver years. Lizzie loves cuddling, cooking (or actually, reminding you that it’s dinner time and that you need to, ahem, start cooking), and relaxing by the fire.


Now Lizzie didn’t make it to 16 without a little bit of baggage. This cat’s medical history would probably put your grandma’s to shame, and she is no stranger to needles- Lizzie is diabetic and receives insulin injections morning and evening.

Lizzie doesn’t read or drive much these days, since she lost her vision a while ago. Her perfect match would happily read Lizzie her horoscope, chauffeur her around, and play her some nice Oldies tunes every now and then on the radio.

Adopt a senior

Adopt a senior

When Lizzie was surrendered to WAG she was on the brink of a diabetic coma, thanks to the dedicated team at Pemberton Veterinary Hospital and the WAG staff, they were able to diagnose her diabetes and treat it right away.


Lizzie is now a part of WAGs Compassionate Care program, which is dedicated to animals that are in need of long term treatment. Lizzie’s insulin, needles and specialty food, costs about $200 a month. WAG is hoping to raise money for Lizzie to help provide the pet care and medical treatment she requires. If you’d like to learn more about Lizzie please contact WAG by phone, email or stop by the shelter!

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