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Dogs must be leashed, except when in an off-leash park. This is for the dog’s protection, and to protect wildlife, other people, and other pets.
Dogs are not permitted on public beaches for public health reasons, playgrounds and waterparks for safety reasons. Off-leash dogs must be in the owner’s control and remain in off-leash areas. Owners must also have a leash visible, and leash dogs, when entering and exiting off-leash areas. Any dog roaming at large in the municipality is liable to seizure and impoundment.

Dog Licenses:

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) requires all owners to comply with the Whistler By Laws regarding responsible dog ownership and licensing. Please visit their website for more information.Dog Licences Dogs in Whistler must possess and wear a valid dog licence. Licences are available at the Municipal Hall or Whistler Animals Galore (WAG). WAG receives 50 per cent of proceeds for licences purchased at the animal shelter. Licences help the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) contact dog owners, if a pet is lost or during an emergency. Licences must be renewed annually, starting on January 1. Renewals can be done in person or online through the RMOW’s Online Dog Licence Renewal Service. To renew online, users need the account number and access code as listed on the renewal notices. For assistance, contact Financial Services. Visitors must ensure their dogs are wearing a valid licence from the community where they permanently reside.

Licence Fees:

Neutered or spayed – $15
Not neutered or spayed – $50
Puppy five months and under – $15
Replacement – $5

Picking Up After Dogs

Please pick up after dogs and dispose of waste in a garbage bins. Failure to do so could result in a fine of $100.
Dog waste bags are provided at many parks and trail junctures.

Pick Up Protocol (PUP)

Dog owners in Whistler will soon be able to help turn their pet’s waste into high quality soil, thanks to a new pilot program being launched by the RMOW this August.
Called the Pick Up Protocol (PUP), the program will provide special compostable dog waste bags at two of Whistler’s off-leash parks: Bayly Park and Alpha Lake Park. Dog owners can use the compostable bags to pick up their pet’s waste before disposing them in a marked red PUP bin. The waste collected will be fed into Whistler’s composting stream, rather than being shipped as garbage to the landfill.