Nature needs your help.

Each day I’m grateful for the nature that surrounds us in Whistler. I can’t believe that I step out of the door each morning with my dog Gracie to lush Douglas Firs towering over us. Bald eagles soar overhead at Brackendale each winter, and there’s almost more salmon than water in the rivers come November.

Humans are part of Whistler’s circle of life, and we have a role in keeping this circle vibrant. This month we’re seeing more orphaned bear cubs than we’ve almost ever seen. The Conservation Officer Service calls the numbers “very unusual”. Usually, the mother bears take care of the cubs until they’re old enough, just like humans do. For some reason this year, the cubs are left to fend for themselves. Our best guess is mother bears are being killed.

We have a partial solution to help the orphaned cubs stay alive. There are two rehabilitation facilities for bear cubs, one in Langley and the other in Smithers. The Bear Smart Society is desperate for funds to transport the cubs. The facility in Langley is full and the only option left is transporting the bears to Smithers, a 1000km trip.

Here’s a good way to do something for nature this season. Donate to the non-profit Bear Smart.

From the hardworking folks at Bear Smart:

“Emergency help needed. We have captured a hungry 15lb cub in Pemberton, BC, that needs to be transported to the rehab center. We are also hoping to catch two more orphans in Whistler. We are desperate for funds to help with their transport.

The closest rehab facility, Critter Care in Langley, is full as of today. The rest, when captured, will need to be transported to Northern Lights in Smithers, BC, which is almost 12 hours from here.

Please help support our cub transport fund. We need to be ready to go the minute they are captured. We have been successful capturing two out of four so far in our immediate area. There are about five more in the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast that we are trying to catch and transport as well. Please help support these efforts. Even $5 will help.”

You can see exactly what your money will go towards. Here’s how the facility at Langley takes care of bear cubs:

Have you seen any bears in your neighbourhood? Share your sightings with us in the comments!