If you’re looking for hands-on obedience training for your dog, Whistler has the trainer for you.

Whistler has a dedicated, capable, and warm dog-lovers community. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so glad I live here.

Group dog walks

Christian Hatt, Whistler’s “Dog Father”, is my go-to dog trainer. He offers one-on-one and group consultations. If your dog is ready for some advanced training, check out his group walks in the mountains. You can help your dog practice obedience skills around other dogs and their owners. Christian, an experienced dog trainer and veterinarian nurse, will be right there with you to provide expert guidance.


Christian and sled dogs

Christian’s passionate about dogs. That’s one of the reasons why I spread the word about him. He gives a great deal of himself to the Whistler community.

The story of 56 Whistler sled dogs culled in 2010 shocked us all. After the story broke, Christian launched a sled-dog adoption program to help older sled dogs continue to live good lives. Christian has already created partnerships with some dog-sledding companies and veterinarians willing to offer discounts to those who adopt sled dogs. Are you an active runner or mountain biker? Helping a sled dog transition to household life does take work, but they’re perfect companions for mountain bikers or runners. Christian’s still working on the Dog Father website, but check it out to get his contact information. You can also check out Whistler’s Animal Shelter, the WAG – they often have sled dogs for adoptions too.

Check out these Whistler sled dogs now in loving homes:


Have you gone on a walk with Christian or adopted a sled dog? Share your stories with us in the comments!