When you choose to buy a product, glass is the best container!

Glass is the number one!  The problem with many canned goods and plastics is a chemical called BPA.  It is a hormone disrupter and can have ill health side effects even when consumed in small doses.

Choosing coconut and olive oil packaged in glass rather than plastic is the cleaner more wholesome choice, for example.  There are a lot of food products that can be purchased in glass jars: tahini, almond butter, olives and pasta sauce.  If there’s a choice ~ choose glass.  If there’s a choice, choose certified Organic.

Glass jars are non-toxic.  That’s what we want.  We want chemical-free food in chemical-free containers.

Now that we’re not dealing with tin and plastic, we can re-use our glass jars for food storage.  Did you know seeds and nuts are best-kept refrigerated.  Organic nuts are costly and we want them to stay fresh.  We also want to soak and rinse them to make them more easily digestible to the body.  Eating ‘right’ may take a bit of time to adjust at first, but once we get the hang of it, it is like any other healthy habit in life that’s worth adopting.

Coconut chia raspberry pudding

Rather than recycling these jars, they can be washed and re-used for food storage.

This way less glass has to be put through the whole recycling system.

Instead of putting our left-over pasta in a plastic tupperware container, we can put it into a glass jar.  Wow ~ how simple is that.

Removing the label is effective so that we can put them through the dishwasher.  If the items we are after are ONLY packaged in plastic, we can make the switch ourselves.  Empty them out into our clean jars and recycle the initial packaging.  For example: hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, can all be put into jars and then be kept refrigerated.

You can now arrange easily accessible ingredients for use in recipes, smoothies or snacks.


Fresh orange blossom flavoured honey

Another option is using the jars to prep home-made iced teas or chilled coffees.  The convenience of the lid allows you to shake up the content before drinking.  Glass jars can be used for hot and cold beverages.  Based on the size of your jars, your drink or meal is also rationed to an appropriate serving size.

Buying grains in bulk.  Brown rice, steel cut oats, quinoa etc. can also be poured into glass jars for easy access and kept in a cupboard.

Get creative, have fun doing it.  Maybe wash and prep three types of veggies ready to go in a jar so come morning we can throw them into our omelette or salad or whatever.

The idea is to make healthy eating easily accessible.

Also lets remember to use natural dish detergents!