Positive Affirmations are great because having a healthy life style really begins with having a healthy state of mind.  There are a number of tools and techniques we can gravitate towards to insist that the mental landscapes of our experiences are in a balanced state.  After all, the brain releases chemicals that coincide with our interpretations of the World around us.  Simply put, thinking positively contributes to our health and happiness and also the effect we have on others.

Positive affirmations are basically statements or mantras that you repeat to yourself.  You can do this silently in your thoughts or vocally aloud.  Think of it as ‘the voice within’ staying on a good track.  Almost as though you are mothering or fathering yourself.  Giving encouragement and assurance frequently!

‘I am’ statements or positive affirmations train the brain to think in a healthy or less stressful way.

I am healthy, I am happy, I am intelligent, I am kind, I am working towards my goals, I am patient with myself and others, I am on the right path, I am learning valuable lessons from challenges in my life, I am courageous, I am unstoppable, I am capable, I am responsible, I am loving, I am beautiful, I am wonderful, I am deserving, I am part of everything that is, I am inspirational, I am welcoming, I am full of energy, I am living vibrantly, I am made of clear intentions, I am peaceful, I am understanding, I am true to myself and others, I am honest, I am grateful, I am fit, I am strong, I am satisfied and the list goes on.

Make a list for yourself.  Think of all the great attributes that you believe you are, have been or even want to be and then repeat them.  Repeat them to yourself frequently.  Write them down, sing them, chant them, declare them and be confident and tell yourself with conviction these positive statements are true.

The whole point of this exercise is to program your mind to having more and more positive outlooks on who you are and where you are at in life.

This in turn acts as both a physiological and also psychological support system that keeps you energetically in your ‘happy place’ so to speak.  It helps you stay on top no matter what your circumstances and dodge the pit falls of self-torment.

When we are hurt or upset in life it is often not just a situation that effects us but how we respond to it.  You’ve heard the option to make light of even the most dire affairs.  Well its helpful to do so and can save you A LOT of trouble!  So why not start now.  You can colour positive affirmations and put them around your home too!

Practicing positive affirmations on a daily basis will build like a muscle a more automatic filter of seeing life in a hopeful and beneficial way.  It can also be applied to how we see and think of others.

In conclusion, I am awesome!  And so are you!