This easy & effective DIY deodorant is a safe alternative to harmful chemical based deodorants found in stores.

The Armpit

Since puberty we’ve lead a brutal assault on our body’s second stinkiest region. We shave it, wax it, deodorize it. Some mask the musk with potent body sprays. Others pay high price for pungent perfumes.

We propose a simpler solution: A DIY deodorant free of harmful chemicals. Use of this DIY deodorant will reduce harmful chemical exposure and leave your pits smooth and smelling nice.


What’s going on under there?

The armpit (axilla) is a superhighway of blood, lymph vessels and nerves traveling to and from the arm. It contains 3 types of sweat glands, making it one of the sweatiest places of the body.

Sweating is the hypothalamus’ attempt to thermoregulate the body. Sweat responses are triggered by changes in body temperature, hormones, physical activity, illness, and emotions. Sweating also helps with excretion of waste and protection from pathogens. These functions of the armpit are vital in maintaining homeostasis.


Smelly isn’t sexy… Or so we’re told.

An advertisement campaign in the early 1900’s popularized deodorant and anti-perspirant. This industry is now worth $18 billion. Today it is still socially taboo to walk around with pit stains, body odour, and armpit hair.

DIY deodorant

Fun Fact: Sweat is odourless. Body odour is created when bacteria, which live on our skin, breakdown sweat into acid.

The presence of armpit hair may decrease body odour. Hair wicks away moisture from the skin. This decreases bacterial colonization because there is less moisture for bacteria to feed on. Less bacteria means less body odour. Plus, armpit hair is making a fashionable comeback!

Modern Deodorant

The 100-year-old trend of eliminating the unfavourable (yet very necessary) functions of the armpit is questionable. Doing so with the harmful chemicals found in modern cosmetics is baffling. Although research is ongoing, scientists have connected exposure to these chemicals to the development of cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, antibiotic resistance, and kidney, liver, and brain damage.

If you’re ready to ditch the chemicals but not quite ready to go au natural, our Easy & Effective DIY Deodorant is for you!

Easy & Effective DIY Deodorant



½ cup coconut oil

¼ cup cornstarch (or arrowroot powder for sensitive skin)

¼ cup baking soda

¼ teaspoon essential oil (lavender or sandalwood are our favourites)



  1. Ensure coconut oil is in a liquid state. If solid, melt by warming on the stove (low heat) until liquified.
  2. Mix in essential oil.
  3. Mix in cornstarch and baking soda and continue mixing until smooth.
  4. Transfer to a jar and keep somewhere cool (melts easily).



Use up your current deodorant stick. Poor DIY deodorant into empty deodorant stick for some upcycling action.

Avoid using excessive amounts as it may leave an oily mark on fabric.