Fresh Herb Vinaigrette: A Delicious Destiny for Fresh Herbs 

Taco Tuesday was a hit! But now your fridge is filled with cilantro that is doomed to sit there for three weeks. This recipe for Fresh Herb Vinaigrette will redirect the herbs from the trash to your tummy.

First, let’s talk storage. Make the most out of your Fresh Herb Vinaigrette by following the Dos and Don’ts of fresh herb storage:

  • Wash! Gently using a salad spinner or cold water, wash and gently pat dry. Washing will get rid of fertilizers, chemicals, and pathogens which accelerate decay of your herbs and your insides.
  • Hardy Herbs (rosemary, thyme, sage…)
    • Roll in damp paper towel – a clean dish towel works great!
    • Place rolled herbs in a plastic bag – a reused bread bag is perfect!
    • Store in the refrigerator.
  • Tender Herbs (cilantro, parsley, mint…)
    • Trim stems and remove wilted and rotted leaves.
    • Place bunch in a jar with water – like a bouquet of flowers!
    • Seal jar, cover with bread bag, or leave open and store in the refrigerator. Note that leaving the jar open may lead to weird smells and spills.

“I also like to live dangerously.” – Austin Powers

Ideally you have 2-3 weeks to pick and use these lush herbs you have so perfectly stored. Now what?

Introducing a delicious solution for your herbs, whether freshly picked, freshly bought, or stored for freshness: Fresh Herb Vinaigrette.

fresh herb vinaigrette

Fresh Herb Vinaigrette 

ingredient amounts can and should vary depending on brand, quality, freshness, technique, preferred tastes and moon phases. do you, boo boo.

1-4 cups fresh herbs, chopped*

2 tbsp dijon mustard

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (ACV)

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

1 cup olive oil

Himalayan pink salt

garlic (optional)*

lemon (optional)*



In a measuring cup, combine EVOO and regular olive oil.

In blender, blend dijon and ACV.

On high-speed, slowly poor oils into blender. Like, really slowly.

On low-speed, add salt, herbs, lemon and garlic (if using).

Blend for 5-20 seconds. Faster for a smooth vinaigrette. Slower for tasty, herby chunks.

This Fresh Herb Vinaigrette can be used for salads, marinades, as a dip for breads, or frozen in cubes to add to broths and soups.

Not just tasty, it contains a healthy dose of natural, fresh vitamins.

Store this Fresh Herb Vinaigrette in the refrigerator.

fresh herb vinaigrette

* Use one herb, or combine with other herbs to create a flavour all your own. Note: some herbs are more potent (basil) than others (parsley). Recommended Fresh Herb Vinaigrette blend: 3/5 parsley & dill & cilantro, 1/5 basil and 1/5 tarragon. Lemon and garlic are also creative opportunities. If using dill, think lemon. Cilantro? Lime!

**  Ingredients can be stirred or whisked together for equally as tasty results, just expect separation over time.