We are a part of the natural world, yet we spend so much time and energy separating ourselves from it. Connecting with nature decreases stress levels, increases energy levels and improves one’s overall wellbeing and creativity.

Simple choices can encourage a happy and healthy lifestyle, such as choosing to go outside after work or walking or biking to work instead of driving. Make connecting with nature a habit.

one pink flower

Take the 30×30 Nature ChallengeSpend 30 minutes outside for 30 days straight. This will help get the ball rolling!

Write a thank you letter to nature. Reconnect with why you love nature and being outdoors. For example:

Dear Forest,

I love all your different shades of green. I always feel great when I walk through and can hear your leaves in the wind. Thank you for always being there to calm my mind and make me feel alive!….

If you are not athletic or adventurous that is ok! Being outside does not always mean being active. There are others ways to connect with nature such as read a book outside, garden or go on a picnic etc.

Kids connect with nature

Other ways to connect:

Appreciate. Noticing the details around you is a kind of meditation. Can you feel the sun, rain or breeze on your skin?  Can you smell the flowers and forest? Do you hear the river or birdsongs? Do you see the insects and animals? Taking time to notice the details around you will make you more appreciative, curious and will also help keep you present.

Explore. You are allowed to be curious and explore nature. Walk a trail you have always been interested in. Visit a new lake or try a new outdoor activity. There is no wrong way to connect with nature.