Planning the menu for your next party or holiday get-together? Consider serving a few delicious, healthy, vegetarian options!

Looking for healthy appetizers? Try serving delicious vegetarian mini-burgers!

Don’t worry! The days of celery sticks and veggie burgers that resemble cardboard are over. The world of vegetarian cooking has come a long way! There are countless recipes available so that you can make sure your veggie guests feel included in the feast and don’t leave hungry!

These days, more and more of our friends are choosing a vegetarian/ vegan diet. Science has shown that a plant-based diet is healthier for our bodies and our planet.

Amazing Asparagus and Mushroom Lasagna [vegan]. Find the recipe on Food Monster (

Amazing Asparagus and Mushroom Lasagna [vegan]. Find the recipe on Food Monster (

Skip the artery-clogging ground beef. Everything from Lasagna to Enchiladas can be made using a healthier selection of ingredients.

oh she glowsYou can find thousands of easy, inexpensive, and delicious recipes on websites like Oh She Glows and Food Monster (there is even an app!)


Even healthy dessert recipes? Count me in! For the cookie dough lovers out there- you can eat as many of these these Healthy Cookie Bites as you want without an ounce of guilt. Although they taste as decadent as the real thing, there is no added sugar, dairy, flour or eggs in this recipe.

Healthy cookie dough? Yes please! Try these “Healthy Cookie Bites” from Oh She Glows!

Now you can eat to your heart’s delight! Be #happyhealthy