Ever hear the saying “mother knows best”? Well it is true. Moms care for their children by mother naturefeeding them, protecting them and teaches them how to survive the many elements of the world. Children sometimes act out or ignore their mothers advice….which usually never ends well. The same goes for mother nature. The only difference is she has more children then we can even count like plants, animals, humans and all the organisms of the world…no big deal! She cares for all of us by providing food, water and the proper habitat we need to survive.

sunset from terrace beach our palceWe also find so much enjoyment through nature. We have the mountains for hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. We have the lakes and oceans for kayaking, canoeing and swimming, the forests for peaceful walks and camping. We have also found the most honest companionship in animals and we make efforts to have these animals involved in our lives. It is important to remembered these gifts and show our appreciation. We have unfortunately acted out and ignored mother natures advice with over consuming, pollution and by making several unconscious decisions. But the great thing is we have noticed it and are starting to make a change! More and more we are trying to show our appreciation and care for the natural world by making conscious decisions.

7. things you and I can do to show we care:

  1. Use a reusable water bottle rather than purchasing bottled water
  2. Turn all lights off once you leave a room and turn off the heat when you leave the house carbon footprint
  3. Recycle and compost
  4. Bring a reusable grocery bag to the store
  5. Carpoole or bike ride to work
  6. Make healthy and ethical food choices. Buy Local!
  7. Plant a tree

Also, follow this link for more ideas on how you can help the planet. They are so simple and easy but will make a huge difference if we all do our part! 50 Ways To Help