I highly recommend pet insurance.

Pet insurance helps cover the cost of medical care for your pet. It’s crucial in emergency situations when saving your pet’s life could require emergency surgery or hospitalization. Just like human hospital bills, the costs can add up quickly.

People in BC are lucky to have MSP cover their medical bills in emergencies. Unfortunately, our pets aren’t as lucky. I’ve seen concerns about money play a deciding role in whether or not a pet receives treatment. Sometimes, this means deciding between life or death, even if the medical problem is curable!

Some pet insurance plans are ideal for covering emergencies. For example, Trupanion Pet Insurance will cover 90% of the veterinary costs associated with treating your pet’s illness or injury, with no limit! Bonus: Trupanion will even cover medical treatments and surgery for some congenital disorders, such as hip dysplasia, which can be debilitating without surgery.

Trupanion doesn’t cover routine wellness services such as dental cleanings and yearly checkups (like your car insurance won’t cover routine oil changes and tire rotation). In my opinion, the purpose of insurance is to have a safety net in case something catastrophic happens. In my experience, Trupanion is an excellent option for this.

Other pet insurance plans (Pet Secure, 24 Pet Watch) offer coverage for routine wellness services but limit how much they will cover (typically $5K per medical problem per year). Treatment for serious conditions like trauma (being hit by a car, attacked by another dog), septic shock, cancer, or autoimmune disorders (meningitis, encephalitis, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia) can cost more than $10K in the first year.

Just like with any insurance, it’s best to sign up before there’s a problem. Securing a monthly premium when your pet is a young, healthy kitten or puppy is always cheaper than waiting until your pet is older.

If you have more questions about pet insurance, talk to your veterinarian.


What do you think about pet insurance? Do you have any recommendations for plans or insurers? Share your tips with fellow pet owners in the comments!